Bed Bath and Beyond

I’ve become more Swedish since I came to Los Angeles and Swedish food is like gold here. When we went to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday I couldn’t resist to buy some Swedish food, and licorice (from Germany though, so not as good as the Swedish) at their World Mart. 
Marie biscuit, two different crispbreads, cheese and licorice. 

A free Tuesday

Today I had a day off, which not always really means that I have a day off.. there is always work to do. I did some light retouching on the headshots and exported the files to the client so he can download them. I also gave Bed Bath and Beyond a visit and found some swedish food and Deutch licorice, not as good as Swedish but it’s better than nothing. 

Monday headshot session

Soon, I’m heading down to Third Street Promenade to do a headshot session. The weather is a bit boring, cloudy and dark but when you do location photography you have to work with what you got. I’m looking forward to it though, it’s always fun to work with new clients. Hope the rest of you have a great Monday!