More from LA Pride

June, Wednesday and the sun is actually out even though it’s before noon. Here in Los Angeles we have something calles June Gloom, which means that the fog is covering the city untill at least noon. 
Anyway, here’s some additional photos from LA Pride. 

LA Pride Parade 2015

Yesterday I went to West Hollywood to see the LA Pride Parade with a friend. This was my first time at a pride parade for me and it was really cool. The vibe was so nice, everyone was friendly and so happy to celebrate LA Pride. Some people were dressed over the top and looked so cool. It was so amazing to see people being who they really would like to be acceped as. Since there were so much to photograph that I have to split the photos in two posts. 





Saturday morning

Started my saturday with some excersise down by the ocean in Palisades Park, I did some intervals and then finished off with some walking. Before I went back home I did some shopping at Farmers Market on Arizona in Santa Monica. I absolutely love Farmers Market and got strawberries, nectarines, peaches, melon and eggplant. After that I went to Santa Monica Homeophatic to get some new pills for my gluten intolerance. Always good to keep a few in my bag and have some at home in case I’ll eat something with gluten in it. 

The streets in LA


Some streets here in LA is so crazy and uneven because of the threes roots. 

Every day includes many hours of work, which often results in me being extreamly tired by the end of the day. I’m so glad that this week is over soon. Had some some new photos from the clothing company that needed to be edited and their new jeans looks awsome. I really want a pair! Gotta decide what style though..there were three ripped ones. Anyway, the editing on my own stuff is going well. Having a lot of fun editing the ones with Camilla and she actually got 19 photos today. She was pleased and so excited about them and that makes me so happy. Also, I have a wedding booked this summer which feels fantastic. I’m really looking forward to shooting it! It’s in July so the weather is going to be absolutely perfect here and it will be by the beach, one hour north from here (Los Angeles). 
I really want to show a few photos from my session with Camilla, so stop buy a little later and I’ll have them ready! 

Working 9-5..

Well, not exactly. The last month I’ve been working around the clock, almost 24/7 and my body is telling me to calm down. I really enjoy working and have a hard time to quit when I know I have a lot to do. So, therefore the really terrible update here. As some of you may know I work as a photo editor/photographer for a clothing company, which by the way makes the most awsome jeans. I’m so fortunate to have gotten this job! 
But, today I finally took some time off this afternoon and got on my board for a ride down at the beach. Haven’t been on it for some months, maybe a year(?) but it went ok. Did not fall and i crused for 30 minutes. I need to do that more often.