Breakfast in bed

I like to start my mornings with coffee and breakfast and this morning I had a yoghurt that was so good, keylime flavour and some Italian coffee with that. I’ve read the news and the stories about the VMAs here in LA. It feels like many people will do anything for attention in this city, even though they’re already famous.  

A morning at Santa Monica Beach

This saturday I woke up pretty early, 7.30am but stayed in bed until 8am. I ate an boiled egg and hada a cup of coffee while reading the news. When I was done I packed my beach bag and went down to the beach. It was empty, calm and the only thing I could hear was the waves. I stayed down there for a few hours before I went back home. 

Baremade Launch Party at RonRobinson

Yesterday I got invited to Baremade’s launch party in my favourite store RonRobinson. It really was a sucessfull party for the brand. The place was so crowded! They had a DJ and served food and drinks and also, during the party Baremade did their campain shoot in the store. Baremade is a small company who makes bags and small leather and whool accesories. They are very high quality and well made. 

On the airplane to Sweden


Today is The International Dog Day. These pups are so loved!
This morning/night Daniel got on the airplane to Sweden. He’s going to be there for two weeks which feels like a very long time but when you have work to do you don’t really have a choice. He left at around 4.40 and at 6 am I had a phone meeting with a woman from Sweden about some things that are very exiting. Then I had some ”free time” until noon when I had some work to do. 

Stylish outfit that works for every occasion

Kollage Zalando


1. Hat | 2. Jacket | 3. Jeans | 4. Shoes | 5. Sunglasses
This day has been kind of boring, the wather was not as good as it use to be and actually we got some rain, which is really good for the drought here. The raindrops made me think of the autumn and how much I miss being able to wear a leather jacket. The jacket really goes with everything and with a nice hat, some boots and jeans it can’t go wrong. 
This post is sponsored but the words and opinions are mine.

Floorball tournament in Huntington Beach

This weekend, we spent almost all day on Saturday in The Rinks in Huntingtong Beach. They had a floorball tournament and I’ve missed playing floorball so much since I moved here three years ago. So one week ago I found out about the tournament and immeditaely contacted the person in charge and asked if I could play, the answer was yes after I explained how much I palyed in Sweden. 

Sunday facial at Dermalogica

I started my sunday with some oatmeal and coffe before my appointment at Dermalogica. I had an on hour facial at their store on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. It was really nice and relaxing and moment with a tiny bit of pain, but as long as the end result is nice I will happely put up with a little pain. I’ve been living in Los Angeles for three years and the pollution here is really bad for your skin. Also, the sun can damage your skin really bad if you don’t wear sunscreen. Anyway, at the end of the treatment she introduced me to a new product, Daily Microfoliant, a gentle exfoliator that can be used every day. My dermatologist gave me a travel size bottle so I can try it for a while and see what I think.