Dinner at Estate restaurant in Santa Monica

Last Friday me and my love had dinner at Estate restaurant in Santa Monica. We started off being a little skeptical but when we came inside is was really great. Even though it was friday night and we didn’t book a table they were ready to seat us right away. The whole restaurant was full of people and they all sounded to have a good time. The menu was inspired by Japanese food mixed with American. It was a pleasant surprise. We both had a coctail and both tasted great. The food was really good. I had an eggplant with a soy glace and it was dilicious, and a side of fries with that. Daniel ordered the pad thai and enjoyed it. To finish of I had a green matcha tiramisu that was amazing. The service was perfect, they were quick and very polite. Not too pushy but always ready if you needed something. We will definetely head back an other time. 

Tofu spring rolls


Today I made spring rolls for lunch. It was really easy and good. I had a kale mix and tofu inside and some soy sauce with it. I soaked the spring roll skin quickly while I cooked the tofu in a pan on high heat. Then I put the soft skin on a plate, took some of the kale mix and put a slice of tofu on top. I think this would have tasted even better with some sweet and sour sauce. Really easy to make, healthy and you can put whatever you want inside. 

Updated and news

Photo from my personal project ”Under the surface”
Today I’ve been working on my website, it’s not completely done with the updates but it’s getting close. I added a new page called ”Recognition” were I list where my work has been featured and exhibited. I’ve added some new work and also made a blogpost. I have some new fun things happening in a couple of months and I’m so exited for that. 

All black, fall black

Kollage: All black Zalando


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Sponsrat inlägg
These are the perfect fall garments that we all need in our closet. It’s elegant and works for almost any occasion. The jacket can be styled in so many different ways which really adds value to the piece. I really like the shoes and the details with the laces. They are so classic and tidy, altough you can style them with ripped pair of jeans and get a totally different look.