New beautiful belt

As I mentioned before, we got some stuff from J.Lindeberg when we went there last Monday. I got this amazing belt that I’ve been looking at for a while and now I finally got it. Daniel got a t-shirt and a scarf that has this really cool print that they used on different items in the latest collection. They hav jackets both for men and women, shirts and t-shirts with that print. I really liked the bomber jacket for women, it was so cool. 

Monday visit at J.Lindeberg store

Last Monday we went to J.Lindeberg, basically just to hang out and wish Rochee safe travels when he moves back to NY. We had a coffee with the guys and did some shopping as well. It feels so good to walk in Swedish stores here in LA. You get the minimalistic, Scandinavian quality and good feeling. 

J.Lindeberg party number two

Last Thursday we got invited to the second J.Lindeberg party at their new store on Sunset Plaza. We had a great night with our friends. Our friend was playing his music, Ampersand, and we got to hear some new amazing tunes. I had a glass of champange while looking at Anil Arjandas beautiful jewllery.  After the party we headed over to the other side of the street and had a late dinner with three of the friends. Some great sushi, misu soup and green tea. Yummi. A great Thursday night.

Emma and Nicholas birthday mascarade party

 Last night we went to a birthday mascarade to celebrate two friends of mine. The house was decorated with masks, light and balloons and it was so beautiful. I don’t know how many people that came but it was a lot and so much fun. Everyone looked amazing and really followed the theme! On top of that they had made some amazing food to snack on during the night. I’m so happy that we were invited to celebrate with Emma and Nicholas! 

Making Swedish cinnamon buns

I’ve been baking Swedish cinnamon buns all day and the house smells so good. I it’s my favorite bun to have with a cup of coffee. I add raisins and cardamom as well in mine. Here in the U.S it’s really hard to find Swedish cinnamon buns and also ones that taste good. 

Photoshoot with Swedish model in Topanga

Yesterday I did a photoshoot with Sophie and we ended up with some really cool stuff. I’m so excited about it the end result. It already looked awsome in camera. It makes me so happy when both me and the client get beyond satisfied with the RAW files, which are as bad as the file will get before retouch. Stay tuned for some edited photos from this shoot.